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For those with very few questions (or for those who already know how CPL Classes work):


What is a CPL class for?


This is THE CPL/CCW class required in order for you to obtain your CPL (Concealed Pistol License) in Michigan.


You take the class, we offer you a certificate which certifies that you know what it takes to safely, legally and correctly operate and conceal a firearm in the state of Michigan, then you take that certificate and apply for your CPL in the county in which you reside. We explain from A to Z exactly how to do this in the class.


To get started, first purchase your class.


We will confirm with you via Text or Email that you are registered.


We offer Zoom classes for the first five hours of the class.

The remaining of the class will be conducted at "Target Sports" gun range which is located in Keego Harbor (Bloomfield Hills Township)


Again we walk you through it all once you purchase your class. 


What does the purchase of the class include?


The class comes with a free gun rental, eye and ear protection. NOTE: Many other CPL classes will NOT explain all of the cost... For example, there may be hidden fees not disclosed such as a $40 gun rental or super expensive ammo...


Classes are currently $120 for 1 person, $235 for 2 people when you order online. The class does not include ammo ($10 or you may bring your own) or range time ($20) which goes to the range itself.


For the technical, long-winded question askers (which we do not mind that either)...


What am I getting when I purchase the Michigan CPL Class?


To get straight to the point, you are purchasing the required class mandated by the State of Michigan to obtain your CPL (Concealed Pistol License) in the state of Michigan.

Think of this class or any other class like this one as the “driver’s training” of operating, carrying and concealing a firearm.

It covers what every gun operator must and shall know which includes the save handling, operating, shooting, concealing and storing firearms and the laws to properly do so. Simple.

Michigan mandates an eight (8) hours course which a portion of it is to be instructed by either a lawyer certified with the Michigan Bar or  a law enforcement officer currently licensed and active in the state of Michigan.

MOST CPL instructors in Michigan are not in compliance with what the state requires when it comes to who is instructing the legal section of the class (please keep this in mind when choosing the proper class).

This class is hands down the number 1 class in Metro Detroit which takes all of the guess work out of obtaining your CPL and doing so in 100% compliance. Why risk going somewhere else when you found the right place and the highest rated place on Google in Metro Detroit? Take a look! Go to Google. Type Detroit CPL and look at the ratings... We have maintained a 5-Star rating from the beginning to now.


We put all of our energy into conducting the best class around. We worked for it and we continue to do so.


The class you are going to be taking is a NRA (National Rifle Association) certified class,  recognized by the state of Michigan which meet the requirements to apply for your CPL in Michigan. Think of it like "Driver's training" for firearms holders who also conceal their firearm.


First purchase your class. We will contact you either by email or by text confirming that you have registered for the class.


We will be sending you a link to the prescheduled Zoom Class which will include the confirmed time, date, link and password to the class.


We recommend that you preinstall Zoom and understand somewhat how Zoom functions prior to linking to the class to assure that you do not have too many technical issues.


If there are any more questions, please contact us at 313-704-6106 and our class coordinator will be happy to assist you.


Purchase your class today!!

Thank you!


Note: Generally classes are non-refundable. The classes fill up quickly so we treat registrations like airplane tickets... We DO however offer to reschedule you for the class, no questions asked. If something comes up, please contact us. 



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